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Facilities Here At Island Lake Camps

Our camps are located on the south shore of the Island lake and offer a panoramic view of the water and several of the islands that dot the lake .Our log cabins feature a rustic comfort and cosiness reminiscent of days gone by yet offer more modern conveniences. Note- if images are not clear on your device tapping on them should provide a link to the source image.

Island Lake Camps buildings

A view of our cabins from the lake

Cabins offer an awe-inspiring view of the lake.



Our bunkhouse (pictured on the far right in the view from the lake photo) is a combination log camp-quonset . It has sleeping capacity for 10 persons using two bunk beds and six single beds .The Quonset portion also has a partitioned room that houses two of these beds offering privacy for groups with members of both genders. This camp is kept heated by wood during the early and late season. It features a combination of propane and electric lights as we do not run our generator long after dark .A small table is located near the front door as well as a small sink with running water. 


Cook Camp

 The centre cabin is known as the cook camp- it houses a large dining table with benches as well as appliances. This is where our fishing clients do their meal preparation. It features a combination wood/ propane range as well as a refrigerator exclusively for the use of our guests. It has a large double sink with hot and cold running water. Located behind the cookhouse is our shower and lavatory building, which was constructed in 2012 -this contains 2 flush toilets as well as a shower-with private access to each.

The third cabin(far left) is used primarily for storage.

Dock at Harrison's Island Lake Camps


Our dock consists of a wide tamarack-surfaced main platform and new rigid marine-grade aluminum dock extensions that feature a non-slip surface and sturdy uprights which make it much easier for our elderly clientelle or those with limited mobility to embark or disembark our boats. Camp staff are always more than willing and ready to assist these clients in any event should it be required anywhere, anytime.

main camp Island Lake NB

Main Camp

This is our main camp,located about 250 feet from our clients camps; it features living and dining facilites for Steve and family. It also has office space and is the base for our communications systems .An antenna and booster equipment was installed to enhance the cellular service in the area around the camps. We also have Wi-Fi available on-site; We use this building for storage of dry goods and supplies. 

fish cleaning at Island Lake NB

Cleaning Table

Two of our clients use the fish cleaning table located about 30 yards from the dock- we ask clients use this to keep the area around the dock clean.