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Brook Trout Fishing in New Brunswick at Island Lake Camps

At Island Lake Camps you will experience fishing for a rarity-True wild and native strain New Brunswick Brook Trout-Island Lake has never been stocked with strains from elsewhere hence the genetic makeup of our Brook Trout hasn't changed since the glaciers receded 10,000 years ago; natural selection has produced a hardy and unique subspecies that thrives in this unique and isolated ecosystem, in fact, Brook Trout are the only species of gamefish in Island Lake. There are no coarse fish species (chubs, suckers, perch etc.) competing with the native Brook Trout for food. The lake does however feature small baitfish species which co exist and act as a food source for our wild trout. Numerous mayfly and caddis fly hatches also take place throughout the summer bringing the lake alive with rolling brookies. The lake is primarily spring-fed which is rare for a lake this size, with many of these springs percolating upwards from the lake bed, this, combined with the elevation of Island Lake ( 1500 feet above sea-level ) keep water temperatures cool even throughout the "dog days" of August. In recent years our August and September visitors had exceptional fishing with both flies and lures with many fishermen releasing 60 and some cases upwards of 80 trout a day, so while many anglers who fish elsewhere have put their trout fishing gear away by July our guests continue to enjoy a summer-long pursuit of them. Our lake also offers an attractive alternative to mid to late summer Salmon anglers who have been confronted with diminishing returns and river closures in recent years.
 Our camp site is located approximately 26 Miles (43 kilometres) "as the crow flies" east-northeast of the Village of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick on private forest land. We have an exclusive lease with the landowner on Island Lake's fishing rights-meaning the only other persons you see out on the water will be the people in your party. This lake has been under lease for over 40 years with our operation holding that lease since 1986. Camps are open to a maximum of 12 anglers per group with six being the minimum to secure a three-day booking. (for example-if you check in on a Monday afternoon,your trip runs until noon on Thursday- 2 "half days" and two full days). Fishing season commences on May 15 and is divided into 3 day blocks through to season's end on September 15. More information on the camp facilities, making reservations and the lake itself can be found by clicking the links below.
 Trolling and casting are both commonly applied fishing techniques here, with either flies or artificial lures. Fly fishing produces very well here; we do ask that our guests fish with either barbless hooks or pinch the barbs down to insure minimal injury to fish you release. Fish in the 1 to 2 pound range are common with a few trout each summer approaching 3 pounds or more. We require that anglers retain a maximum of 5 Brook Trout in total per 3 day stay. This bag limit is strictly adhered to to insure the long-term viability and unique angling experience we provide at Island Lake .We don't intend to let Island Lake be known as another "fished out" lake and ask that our clients also be stewards in this objective.
 We maintain a reliable fleet of boats and motors available for use by our clients. These consist of 12 and 14 foot aluminium and fibreglass-hulled boats equipped with 5 horsepower outboards. We also provide personal floatation devices (PFDs) .We encourage all persons to wear these when out on the lake. Potential clients should also take note we provide unlimited fuel -unlike many other outfitters who restrict usage or add surcharges. A more detailed list regarding services provided is available HERE
  If you're searching for a place with quality Brook Trout fishing, in scenic and quiet surroundings where the only sound breaking the silence of the night is the call of a loon or perhaps a moose splashing about in search of a midnight meal, then Island Lake is the place for you, whether you're searching for a place to reminisce with old friends, or place for the family and extended family to go "just to get away" for a few days, we've proudly served all types of groups-corporate, governmental, associations and about anything else you can imagine. In over 30 years of outfitting outdoors persons from all over the world and all walks of life, we've built an excellent reputation and look forward to providing our services to you…come and experience the fishing for our wild, native Brook Trout with exclusive access- without the exclusive costs involved…If you've ever wondered "if there was such a place?"-you've found it.