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Island Lake Gallery

Our gallery features some of or prior guests with their catches as well as some of the wildlife and scenery from around the lake;click on the below photos to enlarge them-they will also play as a slideshow then changing every 5 seconds.

bigtrout3 nice trout 20-4trout trout big trout fat trout kids trout Wille O'Ree trout Island_Lake_August_2012_033 Trout-september 2013 rainy day The old man and the lake ruffed grouse Rabbit in yard 2012 bear2012 2 bull moose Island Lake 9 adult loons August 2012 23-drummer grouse displaying Island Lake 24-spruce grouse male 22-spruce grouse hen kids feeding ducks doe and fawn small coyote 2012 Big bull Moose 2012 fox cow_calf_moose_island_lake lynx 2012 doe drinking August 2013 Ruffed Grouse 2012 Barred Owl 2012 Cow and calf 2012 Deer in camp yard 2012 Loon with young one Young bald eagle watching lake Sept 2013 Mature eagle on coyote carcass Sept 2013 storm approaching rainbow over Island Lake NB Dock Misty morning 2 misty morning predawn August 2013 September morning Last day of Moose season 2013 fishing at dawn Island lake September 2013 predawn August 2012 Fall colours quiet day at Island Lake Island Lake Camps Sunrise from  behind an  Island,August 2012 visit from a Beaver with no fur photo gallery joomla lightboxby v5.7