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 At Island Lake we also offer our services and resources to those who prefer the non-consumptive use of the wilderness.The numerous forest roads in our area-many of them now impassible by motor vehicle offer a chance to get out "in the middle of nature"- and provide excellent opportunity for the hiker,bird watcher or naturalist,we are fortunate here to be surrounded by a breadth of flora and fauna and diverse ecosystems-from hardwood ridges,to second growth forest then to dense spruce,fir and cedar stands our area features numerous bird species-from magnificent eagles,owls and other birds of prey to tiny warblers and sparrows.These areas also support and shelter just about any mammal you can imagine-from the mole to the moose;all right at our doorstep. For a sample of the wildlife around the lake you can visit our gallery page.Many of the roads around Island Lake also offer a challenge to the intermediate/advanced mountain biker(many of these roads are rough,featuring steep hills-with rocky and wet patches)-but afford a chance to ride in almost total isolation.

 Individuals,couples and small family groups are invited to book with us during the summer.