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Directions and Location-Island Lake Camps

We are located in remote North-central New Brunswick about 60 kilometres(40 Miles) driving distance from the village of Plaster Rock within Acadian Timber's private forest land.The final leg of your journey to Island Lake  will be over gravel-surfaced forest roads .We strongly suggest you travel via pickup truck or SUV as the roads do feature some rough patches (primarily the last 6 kilometres (4 miles) to the camp site.

The map to the right shows our camp location in northern New Brunswick (red pushpin "B")

Dot "A" shows where you depart highway 108 just east of Plaster Rock (Renous Gatehouse)en route to our location.For detailed directions from your front door to this point just click the link below and enter your address at  the top left.Enter your info in blank space "A"- (your destination will show as "unknown road")

Directions to Renous Gatehouse

Detailed directions for the last part of your trip (on private roads)are also available in a printable document by clicking here.( this file will appear in a download window);we do not recommend you use Google's mapping tools (or any other online tool) to create maps from your home address all the way to our camp location the reason being that online mapping databases do not include accurate data with regard to these private forest roads ,in other words-they may direct you to routes that are impassible (blocked by unattended,locked gates or to decomissioned roads)The only publicly accessible entry point to our camp location at Island Lake  is the Renous checkpoint/gatehouse which is about 2(two) km east of Plaster Rock.

Our mailing address can be found on our Contact page.