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buildings at Harrison's Island Lake Camps NB
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Island Lake NB at dawn
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brook trout fishing at Harrison's Island Lake Camps
Moose hunting in New Brunswick at Harrison's Island Lake Camps

Have you ever wondered?...If there was a place to fish for wild native Brook Trout-in isolation without the time and expense involved to travel to a destination in the far north? Here at Island Lake Camps we offer that opportunity combining a relative ease of access paired with a remote setting unmatched anywhere south of the St.Lawrence River. Our unique location in North-central New Brunswick sits at the cusp of the Tobique and Miramichi river watersheds.Both river systems are legendary and steeped in a rich tradition of fishing and hunting lore,of which we here at Island Lake camps are dedicated to continuing through conservation and commitment to insure our clients an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience.

Island Lake features exclusive access to our clientele.We are an experienced outfitter providing  New Brunswick 's finest native Brook Trout fishery,which is enjoyed each and every year by our returning clients-whether veteran or novice angler ,employing spin fishing or fly fishing the lake produces well all summer long.;Island Lake spans some 388 acres of water surface,with good fishing opportunity throughout, guides are not required; camp staff are available to advise the current hotspots.

You can visit our pages dedicated to Brook Trout fishing at Island Lake by clicking here,or use the links above to navigate our site. Wifi Available-Open Dates still available for 2017!





Harrison's Island Lake Camps is an outfitter offering Brook Trout Fishing and Ruffed Grouse - Upland game bird Hunting and Moose hunting from our  location in  remote eastern Victoria county,(WMZ 11) near the headwaters of the Miramichi and Tobique river systems,  New Brunswick , Canada.Our camps are the only buildings on Island Lake,which we maintain exclusive fishing rights to via lease with the landowner.Access is via private forest roads from Plaster Rock , N.B


Since 1986 Harrison's Island Lake Camps has served hundreds of satisfied clients from all over the world.As a professional outfitter we proudly offer you our services from our remote camp location in northern New Brunswick,Canada. Serving both resident and non-resident anglers and hunters ,we offer you Brook Trout fishing during the spring and summer months;upland game bird and Moose hunting during the fall.We invite you to browse our site to learn more about us and we hope you'll join us as we celebrate over 30 years of outfitting.

The remote wilderness area surrounding our Island Lake camp site offers exceptional opportunity for both Moose Hunting and Ruffed Grouse hunting,as we are located near several vast areas of second-growth hardwood creating prime habitat for both popular quarries.

As an outfitter with over 25 years experience, spending the majority of the spring,summer and fall right here in the wilderness, we possess a long-standing knowledge of these areas and only use the services of experienced guides to maximize the chance of clients having a successful and fulfilling hunting trip with us.We are the only outfitter who's physical base of operations and camp is in this area-commute times to your hunting areas are virtually non-existent.

Specific information on Moose hunting and the N.B Moose lottery draw details can be found on our Moose Hunting page. Information on bag limits,season dates etc. for those interested in Ruffed Grouse / upland game bird hunting our Ruffed Grouse page will provide you the basics. For our U.S. friends,our location is approximately two and one half hours driving time from the U.S./ Canada border crossing from Houlton, Maine to Woodstock, New Brunswick . Details for those of you considering coming to Canada for Moose hunting or Upland  game  hunting , information regarding passport requirements and firearms importation regulations can be on our U.S visitor page